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1. What do I do if my street light is out?
2. Who do I contact for street maintenance, such as potholes and busted sidewalks?
3. Who do I contact about a traffic sign that has been damaged or has fallen?
4. Who do I contact for installation of a new traffic sign?
5. What do storm drains do?
6. How can I protect city storm drains?
7. Who do I report damaged storm drains to?
8. Is the city responsible for the gully behind my house?
9. Who is responsible for a fallen tree?
10. Does the Public Works Department accept yard debris?
11. What can I do with my Christmas tree after the holiday?
12. Who is responsible for the retention ponds in my subdivision?
13. Who picks up dead animals on the streets?
14. Who do I contact about low water pressure?
15. What do I do about mosquito problems?
16. Who do I contact with questions about required permits?
17. If I plan to dig in my yard, whom should I call to locate utilities?