• Three Swimming Drakes
  • Swan on the Lake
  • Lavender Flowers by a Bush
  • A Woodpecker Perched at a 90 Degree Angle
  • A small finch perching on a branch
  • A Rainbow over Lake Saint Louis
  • A Mother Goose with Her Baby
  • A Honey Bee Collecting Pollen from Yellow Flowers
  • A Close up of a White Swan on the Lake
  • A Black Goose Swimming Through the  Waters
  • A Bee Collecting Pollen from a Tree Blossoms
  • Two Turtles Sitting on a Tree That Has Fallen into the Water
  • Two Swans Swimming in Still Waters
  • Two Drakes Wading in the Water
  • Two Canadian Geese and Their Three Goslings Swim in the Lake

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