• Frozen Lake Seen from a Persons Deck
  • A Gnarled Tree Without Any Leaves, Covered in Snow
  • A Frozen Lake at Night Time
  • A Flurry of Snow Coming down over the Lake
  • A Flock of Geese Wade in the Lake
  • A Bunch of Dead Grass Covered in Snow
  • A Birds Nest in a Tree Covered in Snow
  • Women Next to a Young Reindeer
  • View from the Middle of a Frozen Lake
  • Tree Covered in Snow by the Side of the Lake
  • Snow Collecting on a Docked Boat
  • Santa Kneeling down to Talk to a Young Boy
  • Road Winding Through a Wooded Area on a Snowy Day
  • Red Cardinal in a Snow Covered Pine Tree
  • Red Branches Coated in Freezing Rain
  • Gazebo Next to a Frozen Pond
  • Freezing Rain Covered Branches
  • Freezing Rain Covered Branches 4
  • Freezing Rain Covered Branches 3
  • Freezing Rain Covered Branches 2
  • Children Lined up Watch an Outdoor Show
  • A Van Drives Carefully Through a Snow Covered Neighborhood
  • A Live Christmas Tree Decorated with Colorful Lights

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