Why is a development code and zoning map update necessary?

The current land use regulations were adopted in 1988 and have been amended approximately 180 times. Many of the requirements and processes outlined in the code are not clearly defined, are onerous, overly complex, contradictory, unenforceable, or have become obsolete. This has led to: inconsistent application of code requirements, delays in plan review and application processing, risk for legal challenges, and confusion and frustration for staff and public.

Additionally, two of the top priorities of the Comprehensive Plan (adopted in 2017) include updating the City’s land use regulations to ensure conformity with the plan’s goals, and to update the zoning map to align with the future land use plan.

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1. Why is a development code and zoning map update necessary?
2. What are the goals of the project?
3. How is the proposed development code different?
4. What is the proposed zoning for my property?
5. Do the proposed changes affect the permitting or development review process?
6. How will changes to the development code and zoning map affect me?
7. Are there opportunities for public involvement?