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Hawk Ridge Park (Zachary's Playground)

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This park contains several different play-sets, a splash pad open from Memorial weekend to Labor Day, and soft turf for kids to play! The all-inclusive playground is a great place for children of all abilities and ages! The pavilion has a charcoal barbecue pit, 8 picnic tables, and electrical outlets. It is near the playground, spray pad, and heated restrooms.

Hawk Ridge Park (Zachary's Playground) is always open to the public during regular hours (sun up to sun down) and the pavilion at Hawk Ridge is available for rent on a daily basis. The Pavilion at Hawk Ridge is a great place for children's birthday parties or family gatherings! If you reserve the pavilion the park is open to the general public, the pavilion is what is reserved.


  • 1/2 mile walking trail
  • 16.9 acres
  • "All inclusive" Zachary's Playground
  • Pavilion (available for rent)
  • Restrooms with separate family friendly restroom
  • Smaller pavilion near lake with 2 picnic tables
  • Spray pad


  1. Hawk Ridge Pavilion

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