Mobile Vendors

Mobile Vendors are required to have a current Lake Saint Louis license.  

Daily license - The business license fee is $10/day operating as a “Transient Merchant”.   

Annual license - The other option you have is to pay annually for a “Merchant” business license, the annual fee is based on the number of employees.  Annual business licenses run from July 1st - June 30th (our fiscal year).   

To obtain a business license Mobile Vendors need to: 

  • Complete the online license application or renewal through our Citizenserve online portal
  • In the online application you will need to provide the following:
    • location/address & dates/times of operation. 
    • Provide (upload) property owner permission (in writing) listing the address, dates & times of operation. 
    • Provide (upload) a copy of the mobile vendor's current St. Charles County Health License (if selling food/beverage) 
    • Provide (upload) a copy of the mobile vendor's State of Missouri Retail Sales License. (if not already on file)
    • Provide (upload) a current No Tax Due Certificate from the State of Missouri
Mobile Vendors must adhere to the following Regulations:
  1. No mobile food vendor may operate in a residentially zoned area (note that this would not affect ice cream trucks, milk deliveries, and similar uses that are licensed as a separate type of business under our current code).
  2. Mobile food vendors may not operate on public streets.
  3. Mobile food vendors must provide permission in writing from any property owner on whose property they plan to operate.
  4. Mobile food vendors may not operate more than 5 days in a 7 day period, unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Alderman or as part of a special event permit.
  5. Mobile food vendors must comply with all applicable St. Charles County health codes, and must provide a copy of a County health permit.
  6. All locations at which mobile food vendors are selling food must be equipped with an appropriate trash receptacle.
  7. Mobile food vendors may not operate in designated fire lanes or other designated “no parking” zones.
  8. Staff reserves the right to require Board approval for any mobile food vendor.