Lake Saint Louis Blvd Phase 3 Improvement Project


The City of Lake Saint Louis is planning to improve Lake Saint Louis Boulevard from Blue Cove Terrace to the Spillway Bridge. This project is partially funded through the Federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) and St. Charles County Road Board Transportation Improvement Program. 

Existing Conditions

  • Two driving lanes are provided with shoulders on either side. 
  • The condition of existing pavement is deteriorating.  
  • Poor sight distance at intersection of Rue De Paix.   

Proposed Improvements

  • Existing pavement will be milled and replaced with new asphalt pavement. 
  • Width of the roadway will remain the same for most of the project. 
  • Dedicated left turn lanes will be added at Bent Oak Cutoff, Bent Oak Drive, and Rue De Paix. This will require widening in some areas.
  • Approximately 300 feet of roadway on either side of Rue De Paix will be fully reconstructed in order to improve the sight distance by flattening the vertical  curve of the roadway.  
  • Minor drainage changes where required due to pavement widening. 


Currently, the project is moving into the final design stage.  After this meeting, revisions will be made to the plan based on public feedback, and easement acquisition / negotiation will begin. It is anticipated that construction of the project will occur in 2022.

 Please fill out our online survey that will be available until 4 p.m. on September 11, 2020.  You may find the survey here:

Plan View 

  • Black shows asphalt overlay
  • Circles show improvement areas (i.e. turn lanes, sight distance corrections)