Property and Evidence Division

The Property and Evidence Division of the Lake Saint Louis Police Department is comprised of 4 Property and Evidence Technicians.  These technicians are commissioned Officers who perform property/evidence functions in addition to their regular assignments. The division is responsible for evidence and property control and the technicians are certified through the International Association for Property and Evidence.

To contact a technician regarding property status or return, please call 636-625-8018, in order to make an appointment.

Other than inquiries, appointments are required so that all research can be completed prior to the owner coming to claim property. At time of the call the owner will be instructed on the exact procedure for property release and if any documentation is needed to obtain items. If a case is closed and property can be released, an appointment will be set up for release.

The owner will need to present a current picture ID and depending on the type of item, proof of ownership may be required.