Practice Schedule

Lake Saint Louis Youth Baseball Practice Schedule - NHYBL

Practice Schedule During League Play

Practice schedule for March 13th to April 11th

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Practice schedule for April 12 to the End of Season

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* Please note the blackout dates at the bottom of page. Those dates practices will not happen.


Batting Cage Rental

Batting Cage Reservation Rules

1. When renting the cage you will receive both batting cage lanes (pitch machine & throwing) on the rental.

2. Only the head coach can reserve the batting cage.

3. Preseason up to 2 rental (2.25 hours max) per week.  During season 1 rental (1.25 hours) per week.

4. Batting cage can be reserved no more than 15 days out. 

5. Please bring your receipt when using the cage to avoid any confusion and clear up any conflicts.

6. The combination to enter the cage will be on the receipt. Be sure to line the numbers with the dash.

7. If fields are closed the batting cage will not have lights, thus are closed. If lights are not needed coaches discretion on use.

*Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis. 


To reserve a batting cage CLICK HERE

*Fields can only be reserved by the head coach of teams registered through LSL.