Tree Removal Process

Step 1 - Measure the Tree

City Ordinance 245.040 Section D number 4 requires property owners to receive authorization to remove landmark trees. Landmark trees are defined as a tree in fair or better condition which equals or exceeds 24 inches in diameter (width) measured four feet above ground for hardwood trees, or 20 inches in diameter for softwood trees.

If the tree you want to remove is less than the stated diameter (width) measured four feet above ground then there is no need for a permit and no paperwork is required. If you still have a question about your tree, please feel free to take a look at our certified city arborist page to contact an arborist with your concerns. If the tree you are wanting to remove is more than or equal to the stated diameter (width) then please move to step 2 to start the paperwork process for a tree removal permit.

Measuring Tree Trunk Diameter

Community Associations

If you reside in the Community Association you must follow their rules and regulations. Learn more about the Community Association's rules and regulations for their tree removal process (under the LSLCA Architectural Guidelines).

Step 2- Fill out Form & Take Picture of the Tree

Please fill out the Landmark Tree Removal Application (PDF) and take pictures of the tree and email them to Parks and Recreation, or you can bring them to the Parks and Recreation Department at City Hall.

Step 3 - Get a Visit from the Contracted Arborist

The City of Lake Saint Louis will have our contracted Arborist come and inspect the tree and will deny or approve the application based on if any city codes are being violated.


If you still have further questions please give us a call at 636-561-4620.