Certified Arborists

The City of Lake Saint Louis is concerned about the loss of trees and the possible mistreatment of trees, which may change the character and ambiance of the community. The planting, maintenance and preservation of trees has been determined to be a significant issue for the public health, welfare, and the City’s physical and aesthetic environment.

Therefore, City Ordinance requires firms engaged in the business of pruning, treating, or removing trees to obtain a license from the City. It also requires that one person within the firm be recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture as a Certified Arborist or Tree Worker. Provided are the businesses who have met these requirements. The list of companies employing certified arborists is not an endorsement of these companies. Residents are encouraged to use your best judgment researching the abilities of the companies on this list.

If you are a business looking to obtain an Arborist License please fill out the Arborist License Application.