Overview & Duties

Welcome to the Finance Department of the City of Lake Saint Louis. This department is responsible for the overall financial administration of the City. It handles the accounting and reporting of all revenues and disbursements for all City funds. Department staff prepare periodic financial reports to allow for budgetary comparisons and financial planning. Finance Department staff are responsible for maintaining the functions of:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Budget Preparation
  • City Real Estate Tax Billing and Collection
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing

The Department presents accurate, timely and complete financial information in an understandable form to the staff members and elected officials of the City. It protects and manages the assets of the City as directed by the City Administrator and/or Board of Aldermen.

Document Preparation

The Finance Department works closely with the City Administrator in preparing the annual budget, the mid-year budget revision and the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Past years' Comprehensive Annual Financial Report can be viewed in the Archive Center.


The Finance Department administers the City's liability and workers compensation insurance policies. Department staff work with other city departments to implement and maintain proper asset control measures. Staff also work with independent  auditors to provide all source documents and data to allow the auditors to conduct a full and thorough audit, leading to an opinion regarding the fair presentation of the City’s financial position. Finance Department staff conduct internal audits of other City departments throughout the year and provide guidance to all City departments regarding elements of accounting and internal controls.

Real Estate Tax Payments

Real estate tax payments may be made in person at the Finance Department, placed in the drop box outside the entrance to City Hall or mailed to:
City of Lake Saint Louis
200 Civic Center Drive
Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367

Payments can also be made online at Municipal Online Payments.

Use Tax Notice

The City of Lake Saint Louis imposes a use tax on purchases from out-of-state vendors in the amount of 2.0 percent. A new Missouri law has expanded the application of the use tax so that such tax is now applicable to certain purchases from out-of-state vendors that were previously exempt. This notice is intended to apprise all interested parties of such change. Pursuant to Section 144.761 RSMo, a petition signed by fifteen percent of the registered voters of the city voting in the last gubernatorial election may be submitted to the city calling for an election to repeal the local use tax.

Contact Us

You can reach the Collector at 636-625-1200 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday.