Vehicle Permits

The City has an ordinance which restricts the covering of vehicles due to an increasing number of resident complaints about the dilapidated condition of vehicles being covered and the poor quality and inappropriate types of covers being used to hide the vehicles.

That being said, only vehicles that are licensed, immediately operable, and owned by the resident of the home where the vehicle is located may be covered. In addition, only covers that are “purpose intended” (fitted for size and type of automobile, pickup truck or van) and in good condition can be used. In other words, plastic tarps may not be used for the covering of vehicles.

A central component of the ordinance is the requirement for a permit to use such covers. Annual permits - only one permit per household - are available now through the City’s Department of Community Development. 

There is no fee for this permit.

Applications for Permits

Please use the Citizenserve Online Portal to submit your application. Further information can be obtained by contacting the office at 636-625-7941.

  1. Kim Callis

    Code Enforcement