Park Use Regulations & Fees

Article I. Fees for Use of Parks, Recreational Facilities & City-Owned Property

Section 240.010: Regulations, Fees and Charges for Park Use

This Chapter shall regulate fees and charges for the use of the parks, recreational facilities and other City-owned property in the City and to prohibit the unauthorized charging of fees for such use. (CC 1988 §30.010)

Section 240.020: Applicability

These provisions shall apply to all parks, recreational facilities and other City-owned property under the jurisdiction of the City. (CC 1988 §30.020)

Section 240.030: Fees

A. City fees for the use of parks, recreational facilities and other City-owned property shall be established pursuant to this Chapter.

B. No person or entity other than the City shall charge a fee for the general use of any park, recreational facility or other City-owned property; however, such a person or entity may, as provided in Section 240040, charge admission for an event or charge for the sale of goods (including food or beverages) or services in connection with an event in a park, recreational facility or other City-owned property. (CC 1988 §30.030)

Section 240.040: Special Authorization

The Board of Aldermen may, after due consideration by the Park Board, approve application by an entity or organization to charge an admission or participation fee for authorized events sponsored by such organization in a park, recreational facility or the City-owned property or to sell and offer for sale goods (including food or beverage) and services in connection with such event. The conditions and criteria for granting such application shall be:

  1. The applicant shall submit to the Park and Recreation a completed application form, signed under oath, giving requested information required for consideration for the application.
  2. The applicant shall either be a not-for-profit or charitable or service organization or group, or such a profit-making organization or group as the Board of Aldermen determines will be providing an entertainment or recreational opportunity of significant benefit to the community.
  3. The event for which applicant seeks to impose a charge shall either be not-for-profit or charitable or service-oriented in nature or shall be such a profit-seeking event as the Board of Aldermen may determine is likely to provide an entertainment or recreational opportunity of significant benefit to the community.
  4. The proposed charges and fees shall be reasonable in relation to the anticipated cost of the event and the purpose for which the charges of fees are to be made.
  5. The applicant must be determined by the Board of Aldermen, after due investigation by the Chief of Police, to be of good repute.
  6. The event or purpose for which a fee is sought to be charged shall be neither unlawful nor immoral nor harmful to the health or welfare of the community.
  7. The applicant shall have satisfied all City requirements respecting insurance coverage and execution of an indemnity agreement and the obtaining of any other permits or licenses required by ordinance.
  8. The Board of Aldermen must have determined that the event or purpose for which a fee is to be charged will be of general benefit to the community and will not deter from the general availability of all parks and recreational facilities for use by all members of the community.
  9. The special authorization shall be of limited duration.
  10. The Board of Aldermen may require the applicant to comply with other specific terms and conditions that will promote the interest of the City in maintaining the health, safety and welfare of its residents. (CC 1988 §30.040)

Section 240.050: Prohibited Uses Within City Parks

The Board of Aldermen find it is reasonable and necessary for the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the City to prohibit certain uses within City parks. The following vehicles, equipment, animals and activities are hereby prohibited in and on any City-owned park land, unless specifically approved and authorized by the Board of Aldermen:

  1. All-terrain vehicles.
  2. Guns, sling shots, and weapons of any type including archery equipment.
  3. Golf practice.
  4. Animals at-large which are not adequately supervised.
  5. Horses.
  6. Littering.
  7. Glass beverage containers.
  8. Vandalism to buildings, grounds, equipment or material.
  9. Dumping of any kind including, but not limited to, yard waste.
  10. Motorized vehicles of any type on an unpaved surface.
  11. Possession, consumption or distribution of alcohol during an athletic event, unless purchased in the park from a licensed vendor. (CC 1988 §30.060; Ordinance Number 982 §1, 8-15-94; Ordinance Number 1114 §1, 8-5-96)

Section 240.060: Broken Glass a Hazard

It is hereby determined that broken glass is a public hazard to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Lake Saint Louis. (CC 1988 §30.070)

Section 240.070: Reduce Liability

In an effort to reduce the City's liability exposure, the Board of Aldermen hereby prohibit the possession or use of any type glass beverage container in or on any City-owned park land used by the general public. (CC 1988 §30.080)

Section 240.080: Penalty

Any person or firm or corporation or entity who violates any provision of this Chapter or collects or assists in collecting any fee or charge not authorized by this Chapter or authorized by other lawful ordinance or resolution or who violates the terms and conditions imposed in any special authorization granted under Section 240.040 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction therefor shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500) for each offense. Further, any individual who is found guilty may be imprisoned for a period of not exceeding ninety (90) days in addition to, or in lieu of, any such fine. A separate offense shall be deemed to be committed on each day during which a violation occurs or continues. (CC 1988 §30.090)

Section 240.090: Hours Established

It shall be unlawful for any person to enter or be upon the premises of any City park between sunset and sunrise. Persons using lighted playing fields during hours that have been approved by the City Administrator or his/her designee shall be exempt from the sunset to sunrise restrictions. (CC 1988 §30.100)

Section 240.100: Extension

The City Administrator or his/her designated agent shall be empowered to extend the hours of lawful park usage on a temporary basis when it appears that such temporary extension is necessary to promote the recreational interest of the City and its inhabitants, and when it further appears that such temporary extension will not impair the spirit and purpose of this Chapter. (CC 1988 §30.110)