Creek Bank Stabilization Assistance Program

The City has created a program that will allow residents to receive assistance for storm water maintenance problems.

If you have an erosion problem on or across your property, that is within a creek channel or drainage-way, please fill out the Creek Bank Stabilization Assistance Program Application and submit it to Public Works:

307 Parkway Industrial Drive
Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367


This program is designed to provide assistance in creek bank stabilization as a means of reducing soil erosion and its effects on the lakes within the City of Lake Saint Louis. Assistance by the City shall be providing material (rock) to individual residents who show proof of necessity. It is the responsibility of the individual resident to provide the labor with regard to the placement of the rock material. The individual resident and owner of the property must complete and sign this application for review by the City.


Upon completion of this application, the applicant shall return the application to the City for review and consideration. The completed application shall include:

  • An estimated time frame for the work to be completed and a location for delivery of the material on-site
  • A sketch (and/or photographs) with information indicating the proposed use of material, location of work, estimate of required quantities (dimensions including length and width)


City staff will review the application and will use the information provided to establish the necessity for and the priority of the request. The City may establish a not-to-exceed quantity of materials per individual application, based on the number of requests and the availability of funds for the program. Once City staff has approved a request for assistance, the applicant will be notified and a date for delivery of material will be set.

Applicant Responsibilities

Again, the applicant is responsible for providing the labor and completion of the job in a professional and timely manner. The applicant is also responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and clearances from the Army Corps of Engineers and Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Applicants that intentionally misuse the materials or fail to complete the proposed work, shall be responsible for repaying the City the cost of the material and the delivery charge. When the applicant has completed the work, they shall notify the City for final inspection of installation.