Speeding Violation Assessment

Residents who would like to request an evaluation of an area for speeding violations shall submit their request by writing a letter to the Chief of Police at 200 Civic Center Drive Lake Saint Louis MO 63367.  Please be as specific as possible with the request. The request must include the following information:

•    A brief description of the problem

•    Street or streets and their block numbers that are affected

•    Day or days of the week the problem occurs

•    Times of the day the problem occurs

•    Belief as to what is the cause of the concern

Prior to performing and investigating the requesting resident must attain information and signatures on the form approved by the Police Department from (Stage 2 form) at least 51% (fifty one percent) of the individual property owners living within 500 feet of the affected area, indicating their concern regarding speeding violations in that area.  If the violations are validated, the process will continue to move forward to assess possible traffic calming solutions.  Prior to implementation of physical measures to remedy this issue, additional information and signatures must be attained from 67% (sixty-seven percent) of individual property owners living within 1000 feet of the affected area on the approved form (Stage 3 form).  

The Police Department and Public Works staff will review the request, and if warranted, the Police Department and Public Works will validate the requestor’s concerns through an assessment based on criteria set by both departments through their internal traffic calming policy.