Request for Vacation, Business, or Area Checks

The Lake Saint Louis Police Department provides Vacation, Business or Area Checks, for those that live or work in the City of Lake Saint Louis, at no cost.  Officers will perform checks on your residence, business or provide increased patrols to a particular area due to increased criminal activity or other suspicious circumstances.  If you are experiencing an "in-progress" situation, DO NOT complete this form please call 911 for an emergency or call 636-625-8018 for non-emergency.

Vacation Checks are used for specific residences while the homeowners are away. Officers will be assigned to check the perimeter of your home, identify and address any issues of suspected criminal activity and contact you to advise if something appears to have occurred.  Residents can even request they be sent a Text Message after each check is completed. 

Business Checks work much the same as Vacation Checks and are usually for specific concerns or after hour's issues regarding criminal activity at your business.

Area Check requests are not for specific residences, but for more general areas like streets, parks, marinas or subdivisions. 

If you have a vehicle traffic related issue please call 636-625-8018 to report.

 DO NOT fill this form out for traffic related issues. 


Please be advised these checks are for temporary time frames and are conducted as time and call volume allows.

To request a check, please click the link below.

Check Request Form