View the Deck Construction Guide (PDF).


One complete set of construction plans and one site plan is required for review.

Site Plan Requirements

Site plans need to show the following:

  • Dimensions of Lot
  • Easements
  • Existing and Proposed Drainage
  • Location of Residence
  • Location of Trees
  • Lot and Plat Number
  • Proposed Grade Changes
  • Size and Location of Proposed Deck

Construction Plan Requirements

Construction plans need to show the following:

  • Construction Details
  • Location of Existing Utilities
  • Material
  • Rear and Side Elevations Showing Deck at Completion
  • Size
  • Quarter-Inch Scale

All buildings with exterior means of egress (except windows) above grade must have a balcony, deck, or stairway to grade. The minimum width of the balcony, deck, or stairway shall be the width of the opening. The minimum depth of the balcony or deck shall be 30 inches. All structural support posts on the exterior shall be a minimum nominal dimension of six inches by six inches or six inches in diameter. Railings are to be vertical and constructed as not to have openings, holes or gaps larger than four inches (4 inches) in any dimension.

Required Inspections  

  • Pier Inspection (30 Inches Deep, Minimum of 12 Inches in Diameter, and Belled to 16 Inches)
  • Framing Inspection
  • Final Inspection