Business Licenses

Chapter 605 of the Lake Saint Louis Municipal Code regulates licenses for businesses within the City of Lake Saint Louis.  

The business licensing period is from July 1st through June 30th annually.  All new businesses physically located within the City limits of Lake Saint Louis should contact the Community Development Dept. to verify their use is permitted in the zoning district where they intend to do business.  Once verified, complete the steps listed below to obtain a Lake Saint Louis business license.

How to apply for a Lake Saint Louis business license online:

Step 1 - Register & create a user account by going to and click on Business Licenses”. Register with your email address, create a password, enter your name & phone # as a new user. Please make sure to remember your login and password as this will be used again in this process and for future renewals as well. You should receive an email from with a link for you to activate your account registration.

Step 2 - Then you will need to click on Associate a licensee with your online membership”, and complete the rest of the fields, click on Associate New License”. This step will connect your registered user account with our business license program.

Step 3 - You will receive an email from City Clerk when your membership association is approved, you will be then be able to log back in to “Apply for a license”. Select your license type from the drop down arrow list and complete the rest of the fields. Then click on “Submit License Application”.

Step 4 - Once processed you will receive an email from City Clerk informing you when you can pay the fee online and if any additional documentation is required.

Please note that processing of your online applications will be done during City Hall business hours.  Business License fees are payable by credit/debit card online (step 4 above).  If you prefer to pay by cash/check then you must make your payment at City Hall during business hours  Click here for the license fee schedule. If you have any questions email the City Clerk or call 636-625-1200.

Business Emergency Contact FormIf you have a new business that is physically located within the City limits of Lake Saint Louis you will need to fill out the Emergency Contact form (below) and email or mail it to the Police Dept. as noted on the bottom of the form.