Warrant Status Attorney Procedures

The Judge has set the following in the local Court rules, policies and procedures. 

  1. Call the Court Clerks's office as each case in warrant is handled on a case by case basis depending on prior activity with the case(s).  Most of the time, upon an entry of appearance, the warrant may be cleared and the cases redocket for a court appearance.   Other options are:     
  2. File the appropriate “Motion”. You will need to call the Court and get the next available court date and time to notice the Motion up for hearing. Please note the motion and notice will need to be filed at least two business days before the Court date in order to give the court clerks time to docket it. In addition, You and your client will both need to appear. The Judge requires that the defendant appear at the hearing and the Judge will not clear a warrant without the defendant present. (some exceptions).
  3. You and your client (with an ID) can appear at the Court window during regular business hours, at which time a new court date will be provided and the warrant cleared.
  4. The Court Clerk(s) have some authority to discuss a reduction of the bond amount with the Attorney’s office, so please feel free to call the Court Clerk’s Office.