Helpful Guidelines for Attorneys

Record Searches

Online record search is available. It will give you access to case numbers, charges, court dates, and more.

Closed (confidential) case will not appear through this online record search.

Entry of Appearance

Mail or fax entry to Municipal Court; it should include:

  • Defendant’s name 
  • Court Date 
  • Charge(s), Violation/citation number
  • Attorney name and MBE#
  • Address, Phone # and emai address

All entries of appearance and all other pleadings should be sent to the Court. A copy shall be sent separately to the attention of the Municipal Prosecuting Attorney. Request for recommendations are not processed by the Court, you will need to follow the Prosecutors procedures.


If you need to request a continuance from the Court in order to give you time to communicate with the Municipal Prosecutor call the Court Clerk’s Office for assistance.

The Clerks are authorized to continue cases (non-housing code) that are less than 3 months old to next docket and only after an entry has been filed. Other continuance may be granted by the Court Clerk, if additional time is need to complete a program or comply with the Prosecutor’s requirements. This is handled on a case by case basis and a formal motion may be required for approval by the Judge.

Housing Code Cases

Housing code cases can be continued one time to the next available code docket, which is usually two weeks.

If the case is set for trial or probation revocation hearing, you will have to appear on the court date as the clerks will not pull the case off the trial docket as subpoenas have been issued and sent out.

Request for Discovery

Discovery will be governed in accordance with Supreme Court Rule 37.54. Any disputes between the Prosecuting Attorney and the Attorney for Defendant shall be addressed by Motion with Notice of Hearing to be held in accordance with Supreme Court Rules.

If the Prosecuting Attorney’s recommendation requires a court appearance by the Defendant and/or his/her Attorney, the date shall be provided to the Attorney on the recommendation form. If the recommendation includes a period of probation upon a plea of guilty, the defendant and attorney shall appear in person on said court date. The Court Administrator/Clerks are not able to accept payment on a fine and court costs in person, by mail or online until the signed original recommendation plea form has been filed with the Court.

Under no circumstances will the Court Clerks discuss a case with defendant if there is an Attorney of Record. The Court Clerk will refer the Defendant back to their Attorney.